• Its All About Geometry Dash APK Download


    What is Geometry Dash ?


    Geometry Dash is a two-Dimensional Fun game series. It consists of 5 games. A Sweden-based developer named Robert Topala designs these games. A company called RobTop Games publish the games. The main set of the five in Geometry Dash is a rhythmically based platform game which currently has about 21 officially made levels and also has a game creation system with which you can design more level.


    So far, more than 50 million levels online have been made by its players. Each of the officials made levels featuring unique background music. Other features of the game include “map packs”, some secret boxes, a variety of good icons and different game modes.


    Geometry Dash APK is a very nice game and very much enjoyable too. You can download this game of PC from steam; its paid version is available there, its price is about USD 3.99.


    This game can also be downloaded on Phone, you can have the free version name as Geometry Dash Lite or can go for the full one called Geometry Dash APK which costs about INR 120.


    You can get Mod and cheats from any website by searching it on some search engine. It is beneficial to play with a mod version, where you can get an infinite supply of everything.


    It is highly recommended to play the original game and search for some tips only. It is good to go for the paid version too since it gives you more features and supports the developers also.


    With the Geometry Dash Mod APK you can get everything unlocked and unlimited. So, go ahead and download Geometry Dash APK right now! 

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